Oh Joy

Ok. I usually try to keep my head down during any kind of political anything, but this is just stupid.


A billionaire who wants to help billionaires make more money and a guy in close touch with lobor unions. Which of these people has my interests, as a common person, in their minds? Probably neither, but I can sure as hell say it isn't the billionaire.


  1. I agree, that's just retarded, so selfish

  2. Damn guys... they never have enough money even if they cant even spand as much as they earn...

  3. the world is full of crap like this and everyone just accepts it.

  4. Anonymous02:53

    First off, I'd like to thank you for answering the bug vs the spider comment, and for your honesty in doing so. Even if you did generalize it.
    Whenever I see news like this I laugh.
    And I do understand the innate distaste for billionaires, no matter how policitcally corect people try to be, if you're not a billionaire or even a millionaire, there's always going to be a part of you that hates them.
    Take joy in the fact that they live in an isolate world, mostly disconected from the true human condition, unable to relate with their fellow man after a while.
    Kind of like sociopaths. ( which most of them are - excluding the ones who inherit their wealth)

  5. Seriously this is stupid, give me some of that money!

  6. Jesus, if you hare are a millionaire you already have too much money.

  7. I really honestly don't see why they would need more money? Lets keep giving billionaires more money! Makes sense. :\